Assaulting the Senses!


Life on the farm is fun but sometimes a lot of work.  We enjoy sharing the farm life with preschool and elementary school kids when they visit us here on the farm.  While here on the farm, the kids use all of their senses — students are able to see, smell, hear, touch and taste a little of farm life!  It’s so much fun seeing their excitement and reactions while they are at the different learning stations.  The kids are having so much fun they don’t really see it as ‘learning’ and we love that we can offer this experience for them outside the classroom!

See, smell, hear, touch and taste!

Kids can see the sights — green rolling pastures, big red barn, etc.  And what we as farmers giggle at is their reaction to this next one — the smell!  Yes, some are unpleasant smells from our friendly farm animals!  But the kids still enjoy hearing and touching and feeling the furry animals.  Other seasonal hands-on opportunities include planting seeds, picking fresh strawberries from the patch or other activities depending on the season.  Then one of our favorites is taste!  After learning where milk comes from, and how it’s processed and delivered to the grocery stores, the kids learn lots of products made from milk.  A special treat is when the kids get to enjoy yummy ice cream, after they just learned it was made from milk.  Then sampling other farm products, such as honey, strawberries, blackberries, peaches etc. after seeing how those products are raised right here at Southern Belle Farm.  There is nothing better than red-tinged fingers and juice running down your chin from a fresh, ripe strawberry hand-picked right from the patch.

We take great pride in educating young generations as to the importance of agriculture and the role it plays into society.  By providing the hands-on learning experience for school groups, we are able to share in a fun environment our passion for farming!  To learn more about our Field Trips and learning opportunities, clickclick here.

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