How To: Freeze fresh corn

Do not get intimidated by freezing fresh corn — this process is also called ‘putting up’ corn.  It’s a way you are able to enjoy local farm produce all year long!  You can freeze corn on the cob and/or cut off the kernels for creamed corn, however you prefer to enjoy it.

sweet corn, Southern Belle Farm, McDonough, GaWe found great step-by-step instructions on that will walk you through the process.  You will need large boilers and/or a big container filled with ice water, freezer bags, kitchen tongs.  Here are a few highlights of the process:

First you’ll need to husk corn and remove silk. Then blanch the ears of corn.

Plunge the cobs in boiling water for 5-6 minutes depending on the size of the cob.  Remove cobs with tongs. Place immediately into a sink or pot of ice water to cool and stop the cooking process.  This is called blanching.

For the full instructions, visit and enjoy that Southern Belle Farm sweet corn!

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