Honey Bees & Strawberries

Sweet, juicy, fresh Strawberries

Sweet, juicy, fresh Strawberries

Spring is such a ‘sweet’ time of the year — on the farm that is!

With bees busy making honey, and strawberries ripening in the warm sun on Southern Belle Farm, on the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga — springtime can’t get much sweeter!  School groups come from all over Georgia to visit the farm each spring, and learn how honey bees play a vital part in pollination of our berry plants, which help production.  When it comes time to hand-pick the juicy, ripe strawberries we get so wrapped up in the flavor, we may not even think about all the hard work it took to grow that single berry.

Well, that’s what is taught to daycare and elementary-aged kids on the spring field trips.  It’s delightful and eye-opening to see the work of a farmer, who grows the fresh food we all eat.  To learn more about the Educational Spring Field Trips, click here


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